Coming to the Aid of Afghan Refugees

Fall 2021

Press Release: CWIMA Launches "Heart of Mercy Mission - Helping Afghan Refugees is First Outreach

by Lisa Burkhardt Worley

Christian Women in Media (CWIMA) is introducing a Charitable Division of CWIMA to help women called the Heart of Mercy Mission (HMM). The mission of HMM is to rescue, redeem and restore women through the power of Christ and a tangible humanitarian effort. God’s heart is for the those who are oppressed, disadvantaged, and abused. It’s CWIMA’s desire to “Reflect God’s Mercy to Abused Women Globally.”  

Heart of Mercy’s first initiative is to provide for women and children refugees from Afghanistan who are in a state of emergency. God has opened the door for CWIMA through a direct channel to help refugees with essentials and to distribute the gospel to them in print.

The needs are great:

·           Hygiene packages 

·           Clothes to be purchased for the women and children.

·           Medical supplies for those with chronic illnesses.

·           Security Costs

·           Printing & translation costs for printed gospel materials

·           Counselors to provide post-traumatic counseling

“Christian Women in Media Association is an organization all about women helping women,” said Suellen Roberts, Founder and President of Christian Women in Media Association. “I don’t believe we can stand by and not assist women and children in their time of need. I hope you will consider donating to our charity Heart of Mercy Mission today. The proceeds will be utilized for the efforts already underway to help these refugees.”
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