Generators needed in Ukraine

Winter 2022

This is the time of year when our ministry partners in the Ukraine are experiencing freezing temperatures day and night with no electricity. Heart of Mercy Mission has already been able to send donations directly to our partners to purchase two generators, with the hope of providing more.                                                  

Imagine a small boy roaming through the snow in the streets of Karkov Dnipro - a city ravaged by the horrors of the Ukraine war. Hungry, gripped with fear, physical and emotional pain have frozen his little heart, which is filled with a consuming sense of loss and hopelessness. Separated from his parents when the family was fleeing the country, for days he has been lost with no one to care about him or help him.

That is, no one but God...and our brothers and sisters in Christ in the Ukraine.

We can thank the “Father of the fatherless,” who sent our partner in the Ukraine, Sister A, a courageous woman with a heart full of Christ’s love. She took him into her home and has been caring for him and 24 other children, as her own. While she tries to locate his parents, she teaches all of them about God’s love and Jesus’ compassion; about our Lord and Savior who died on the cross to give them eternal hope and joy, no matter what the circumstances.

Sharing God's love with orphans.

Although we are a world away, we can partake in the good work God is doing with the unsung heroes, such as Sister A, to embody His love in such practical ways. Even though her house has been bombarded, she still finds ways to care for the young and old. 

CWIMA’s Heart of Mercy Mission partners are in three Ukrainian cities right now, demonstrating their sacrificial and tireless service day and night for the women and children God has brought their way. Their emails and pictures touch us deeply

“Thank you so much for prayers supporting our ministry in Ukraine. Hundreds of kids had opportunity to get Christmas Gifts. In spite this war, Churches are growing very well in Ukraine. Many people accepting Jesus. New churches being started. Our team ministering day and night. We appreciate very much your help. -Brother Y.” 

Please consider giving more this month. The greatest need right now is for the generators.


And please pray for:

-Our partners' protection

-More resources to feed the hungry and supply the needs of these dear people who have lost everything

-That God would rescue, redeem and restore their hope through salvation in Jesus


Thank you and may He pour out His blessings on you and your family.

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