Second Chance at Childhood: Ukrainian Children

April 2023

Heart of Mercy Mission’s partners are ready for the 2023 Summer Camps in Dnipro and Zaporiza, Ukraine, and in the neighboring country Lithuania where many children have been sent for safety.

Picture taken by UNICEF photographer
...Children in Ukraine have been killed and injured, and many have lost parents and siblings, their homes, schools and playgrounds. No child should ever have to bear that kind of suffering.” (UNICEF Executive Director, Catherine Russel)

Imagine being one of them.

And then imagine someone reaching out to you with God’s love and taking you to a safe place filled with kids facing the same war situations as you. Just as it happened last year with the care and compassion of HMM's Ukrainian partner, displaced kids and teens will get that chance to get together and socialize with each other for seven days.

In a fun-filled way, they are given not only a second chance at childhood, but also a much-needed sense of normalcy and respite - so crucial during wartime. Loving adults, will lead them to Jesus, serve warm meals, and give lots of fun and hugs. How we wish we could be there to provide some of the playfulness, joy and encouragement each child deserves. Ah, but we can, in our own way when we provide the Cost for each child that is $50.00 dollars. Would you consider providing an oasis of hope for one, two, or as many kids as you possibly can?

And please pray for:

-Our partners' protection

-More resources to feed the hungry and supply the needs of these dear people who have lost everything

-That God would rescue, redeem and restore their hope through salvation in Jesus

Thank you VERY much.

And may God reward you with His richest blessings.

Marli Spieker

Katherine Legg

Suellen Roberts

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