Unspeakable Tragedies in Ukraine War

Fall 2022

Every day, the nightly news keeps before our eyes horrendous bombings falling mercilessly at civilian targets in the Ukraine.  We must not allow ourselves to get used to such suffering, for countless broken bodies and souls desperately need our prayers and financial support.  

HMM, through its Ukrainian partner working out of a neighboring country, is sheltering over 100 refugee women and children in their small church turned into a “camp.” There, physical, emotional and spiritual care is given to displaced women and widows with their children, 24/7, according to reports of Pr. ”Y”

The teams must drive for at least 30 HOURS, each way, through treacherous bombarded roads, taking loads of provisions into Odessa, Mariupoland Dnipro, which is distributed to families who lost everything. Christians are taking them into their homes, especially the young pregnant teenagers raped by Russian soldiers. Counselors speak Jesus’ hope into their desperate predicament.

Seeing God’s love through the hands and hearts of their unselfish, uninterrupted work, Pr. “Y” reports of a small revival taking place amongst the victims of this insane war. "Hearts are open. People gladly receive prayers, Bibles and the saving message of Jesus Christ.  Please pray for God’s wisdom, physical stamina, and grace as we minister to so many for long hours in the Ukraine as well as right here in our city.”

HMM chose to partner with this small organization, with full certainty that financial donations sent go directly to supply the pressing needs of refugees, but most importantly, their need of the Bread of Life - Jesus Christ and His hope.

“We desperately need more funds to buy material provisions - medications,water and housing, as well as Bibles, books, and tracks in the Ukrainian language,” wrote Pr. ”Y”

HMM is blessed to have friends like you, who pray and give financially to rescue, redeem and restore suffering women in and outside Ukraine. Our help must continue. Every dollar counts to make a difference; not only in the sacrificial work done by these unsung heroes, but especially in hundreds of lives in great need of hope.  On their behalf we say - Thank you!

All financial gifts to HMM are tax deductible.

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