You Are a Channel of Blessing

Summer 2023

"You are a channel of blessing." - Suellen Roberts, Founder CWIMA, Founder Heart of Mercy Mission.

Ukraine – Excerpts of an email from Pastor Y. about the Children's Summer Camp that Heart of Mercy Mission in partnership with Cary Alliance Church provided the scholarships for kids to attend.

“In August we had an amazing time with children 6 to 16 years of age from Ukrainian refugee families.  We introduced Joseph of Egypt and the lessons from his life about forgiveness, hatred, and God's faithfulness.

It was especially wonderful to see our Church’s teenagers joining the leading team, this year. It was wonderful to see them grow.  Many kids came to church for the first time in their life. At the end, we shared the Gospel. and all the children came up to the front to say a prayer of repentance.”

Please pray for families from Ukraine and children as they find it challenging to adapt to a new country and language.  Because of your financial support, HMM is able to reach these dear children and their families! Thank you!

Won’t you help us? All financial gifts are tax-deducible. Thank you VERY much. And may God reward you with His richest blessings.

Marli Spieker, Global Director and Katherine Legg, Executive Director, Heart of Mercy Mission

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The Heart of Mercy Mission (HMM) established in 2019, is a charitable division of Christian Women in Media Association (CWIMA). The purpose of the Heart of Mercy Mission is to rescue, redeem and restore women through the power of Christ with a tangible humanitarian effort. God’s heart is for marginalized women who are oppressed, disadvantaged, and abused. May we reflect God’s heart by showing love and mercy to the abused women.

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