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Katherine Legg

Katherine Legg

Executive Director of Heart of Mercy Mission & member of the CWIMA Executive Board

Listening to Katherine Legg is a reminder of the kind of love, peace, joy and hope that Jesus intended when He spoke the words “Peace I leave with you, my peace I give unto you…” John 14:27.

"My passion is to share the love and hope I know of God’s ability to redeem and restore us to His intended purposes and identity for which we were created, no matter how far we’ve drifted or how old we are!"

Katherine has a Bachelor of Science Degree from Ohio State University and a Master’s Degree in Communication, Speech and Hearing Science from the University of North Texas. During her 21 years as a Speech Pathologist, Katherine learned to share the Gospel of Christ in ministry as a speaker, teacher and advisor to leaders from different ethnic groups, generations, nations, and cultures.

She has taught adult Bible studies; brought the love and knowledge of Christ to juvenile detention centers; and traveled extensively nationally and internationally using her gifts to pray, play the flute, and minister to ministers.

Opportunities and Awards

Her service and love of the relationships she’s developed while being a member of Christian Women in Media has led to numerous opportunities and awards:

1.     Traveled to Europe in 2016 with Suellen Roberts to help establish international CWIMA groups in Amsterdam and Albania.

2.     Multiple guest appearances as flautist, intercessor, worship leader and speaker for conferences both Zoom and live, as well as TV, radio and podcast interviews. She served 3 years as Mainstage Production Manager for Global Media Summit 2017-2019, and November of this year was the Mainstage Production Manager for CWIMA International Conference, Unlocked 2022.

3.     During her 15 year association with and decade of membership in CWIMA, she volunteered on the CWIMA International Committee; has been  a member of the President’s Club, continues on the CWIMA National Executive Board from 2018-present; became the Executive Assistant to previous CWIMA President, Suellen Roberts from 2019-2021; and now serves as the Director of Heart of Mercy Mission, CWIMA's charitable division.

4.     Her service has earned her The Global Media Summit Gold Award for Outstanding Media Leadership and Service 2019, CWIMA Outstanding Media Leadership Award Advisory Board 2019-2020, and CWIMA Advisory Board Appreciation Award 2020-2021

Called to Heart of Mercy Mission
Through her travels with Suellen Roberts in Europe and Albania, Katherine learned of the horrible treatment widows and divorced women face in other countries and cultures. Most have no identity, value, or worth. They often lose their rights to their children and become dependents of their in-laws, slave labor to the family with no voice. Some are cast out into the street on their own.

Having experienced divorce and widowhood herself, this felt very personal to her. She began supporting a young woman national who was going to pastoral training in India, and had the opportunity to speak to Albanian Muslim and Christian widows and divorcees when she was in Europe helping to plant CWIMA chapters.

Suellen knew that Katherine's heart of compassion for suffering women, coupled with her talents and gifts of administration, would make her the ideal Executive Director for HMM. So trusting in God's calling and daily guidance, Katherine accepted the assignment.

"While we focus first on meeting urgent physical needs, we are just as concerned about their souls. Through the power of Christ, I want to see their hearts cleansed from the damage that has been done and for them to understand they were created for a purpose."

Katherine lives with her husband, Gary and numerous rescue animals on several acres in the country just south of Dallas, Texas. She's blessed with 4 adult children, their 4 spouses and 6 grandchildren.

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